Saturday, January 7, 2012


LAWYER(S) SOUGHT; since entrapment in Winnipeg surrounding Canadian court challenges program....

violence aid needs to respond appropriately to people fleeing violence , and fund those victims of aggravated assault, of medical malpractice, of theft of tools of trade, of eviction.

ongoing :

case of torture - long-term and exploitation of handicapped women, myself....refusal of police to various sterilized,,and left for dead countless times in Edmonton.

assault and medical malpractice with usual features ;failure to honour informed consent, privacy of health info, maiming, negligence etc.

torture but terrorized away from medical professionals to verify injuries and prove in course ...usa based harassment

Injuries: legs, eyes, back, genital mutilation etc. by use of sec sys, simple assault & nano in human trafficking.

tags: psychiatric fraud, when psychiatrists maim, criminal law in psychiatry, the negligent hospital, criminal law in professions