Saturday, January 7, 2012


LAWYER(S) SOUGHT; since entrapment in Winnipeg surrounding Canadian court challenges program....

violence aid needs to respond appropriately to people fleeing violence , and fund those victims of aggravated assault, of medical malpractice, of theft of tools of trade, of eviction.

ongoing :

case of torture - long-term and exploitation of handicapped women, myself....refusal of police to various sterilized,,and left for dead countless times in Edmonton.

assault and medical malpractice with usual features ;failure to honour informed consent, privacy of health info, maiming, negligence etc.

torture but terrorized away from medical professionals to verify injuries and prove in course ...usa based harassment

Injuries: legs, eyes, back, genital mutilation etc. by use of sec sys, simple assault & nano in human trafficking.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Homeless Lawyers Not!!!!

Homeless Lawyers Not!!!

I cannot proceed to court with my case without your help!. Homelessness problems are too hot a topic!!!! Though people are often expected to take a human rights case to a tribunal the reprisal often makes the task impossible. The complainant is left sick without any means to recover or preserve evidence, alone with injuries unexplained except by the discussion of events that are taboo and /or at best the discussion of topics that are better dealt with by people insured, well versed in court procedures and in appeals etc.

The little guy is often left alone to take a case to court by him/herself because lawyers demand large retainers or are not willing to embark on complicated cases that plague us today.... I have won an appeal to a superior court only to be removed from the dwelling summarily by bailiffs when the landlord feared i might win. How did the landlord know i went to superior court...? “Was it a green jay what telled?”Big companies and fraud cases are often dangerous with complainants ending up in mental health bins rather than exposing touchy subjects. Lawyers in Canada are very conservative especially in the upper appeal courts that are still almost exclusively conservative men of the old guard.

The well financed landlord tenant area is mythically pro citizens. Landlords and owners are most often conservative professionals that want to protect tax shelters and are not interested in the housing of poor people, vulnerable people or their rights....As regards personal property, I believe there is a trade in stolen property from evictions, illegal confiscations, and even arrests. I currently have an able-bodied women my own age stalking me. She has often now and in the passed dipped into my cupboards for her needs but doesn't even speak to me or see me because she is not handicapped. She is an elitist unable to live on her double pay-check even though theft has been one “privilege” accorded to this bully since we were in high-school.

Most people do not even begin to recover costs of losses in landlord tenant battles. In conservative times subsidized housing becomes the icing on the conservative cake rather than the cosmetic measure it is to deal with inequities between people eg. Women and men on the job front. Subsidized housing is a mans world and in fact most subsidized housing goes to men eg. There are many hostels that cater to homeless men and exclude women etc. Or the hostels are meant for women in a political subcategory or favoured by current funding as in homeless mothers eg. Currently with small children or not, thereby excluding as im my past someone fleeing violence not specifically from a spouse. Any such housing is poorly established and has stigma attached that isn't clearly beneficial when a person tries to break out of the sickness /poverty cycle..Human trafficking imhe is rife within the system and forces people into conservative solutions and decisions in the face of shared housing problems ;eg. Problems like breaches of privacy, threats, theft of all kinds of property, coercive demands, reneging on original deals and general maintenance problems eg. When a landlord is faced with dealing with a tenant that they really hate.... these are typical problems occurring when large groups dwell together.

Under conditions of reprisal, sickness from court/complaint related injuries, people cannot manage the hrc, ltb and ordinary in house complaint mechanisms that are expected in some cases before superior courts or so other processes can be instituted. This is the primary reason the system fails...

Lets work on improving legal aid, expanding it to cover disputes where injuries have occurred, where threats to the person are involved, where attempted murder is involved and where tools of trade have been stolen. Mental health clients are often really victims of fraud and / or hate crimes eg. From eugenics promoters or ww2 war related disputes. For example, i am sick with nausea now most of this morning from an attempted murder ie. at the moment from torture with illegal weapons That morning nausea is usually thought of as related to pregnancy is only a joke in this context.. The nausea is more chronic in my case. I was sterilized in modern day Alta. , unable to find any lawyer interested in the humiliation. The extreme right eugenics types stalking and maiming me, hope to keep such jokes about property ie. Loss Tools of the trade being pregnancy or the organs to achieve it- the preserve of their privilege to wound a victim irreversibly with grief and stigma as a unsuccessful mother or failure as a woman.

In whose interest is the leverage achieved by this joke: this aggravated assault and cruelty, this hate crime/war crime and cruel and unusual punishment.? It is a warmongers tactic, a pedophiles tactic, a power hungry perverts tactic...and sometimes the previously victimized.

That there were deliberate attacks on vulnerable people during recent housing crises as outlined is indisputable. eg. Women and children housed in subsidized & low cost housing or mental health clients. The increases in the numbers victimized in sex trade is an obvious result. A class action needs to be developed to include those with housing difficulties when renting low cost or subsidized housing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you unable to locate a lawye you once employed or that was willing to assist you?

For a donation we will attempt to locate lawyers whose address or contact info you have misplaced.

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